Diploma In Occupational Safety, Health & Environment Management System


  • 1

    Environmental Engineering Science

  • 2

    Environmental Regulation & Laws

  • 3

    Industrial Pollution Control

  • 4

    Industrial Health Safety Management

  • 5

    Industrial Safety Management

  • 6

    Loss Control & Safety Laws

  • 7

    Industrial Legal Provision and Hazard

  • 8

    Fire Safety Prevention Management

  • 9

    Lab Practical

  • 10

    Project Work

What You Will Learn

This diploma program is designed for existing safety practitioners who support occupational health and safety within their organization, and will provide students with the knowledge required to develop, implement, and evaluate occupational, health and safety (OHS) programs and systems in the workplace.

Students will find themselves stretched by new critical thinking skills, as a result bringing richer perspective to their daily practice. Course material builds upon the skills developed in the CHSEP program through six core courses and two electives. This program will provide students with the knowledge required to develop, implement and evaluate OHS programs and systems in the workplace.

This program has continuous intake; however, each course within the program has specific start and end dates. Program duration will vary depending on the availability of individual classes. Full-time students can complete the program within a 52-week period, while part-time or casual students can complete the program as time and finances allow.

Life is jam-packed with risk and uncertainties. In each walk of commercial activity an oversized variety of Human and Artificial Resources ar used.A huge industrial hands features a direct bit with the economic processes and also the public normally also are indirectly beneath the influence of commercial outcomes.In this sense each the economic staff and public at massive ar invariably at risk of risk arising out of any industrial mishap or accident. Industrial considerations ar of assorted categories; production connected and repair homeward-bound.

Production related Industries include

Chemical Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Thermal Power Based Units, Heavy Machinery Producing Capital Goods Industries, Textiles, Paper Industry, Cement, Oil Refineries, Electrical Equipments Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Automobiles etc.

Service Industries

Transportation, Tourism, Packaging, Logistics, Banking, Insurance and Financial services are included. In both types of industrial undertakings various processes are carried out during production process to manufacture the desired products or offer the required services.

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